Urgent Care

We have modern, clean, and spacious medical facilities that are well equipped for virtually any medical emergency. Services include but are not limited to: lab services, x-ray, ultrasound, ECG, spirometry, tympanometry.

Common Visits Complaints:

        • Common Cold

        • COVID-19 Diagnosis and treatment

        • Headache

        • Sore throats and coughs

        • Ear infections

        • Sprains and strains or possible broken bones

        • Fever or flu symptoms

        • Burns

        • Lacerations

        • Urinary tract infections

        • Rashes

        • Sports Physicals ($50.00)

EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT (When should you go the hospital ED)

  • Chest Pain

  • Shortness of Breath

  • Stroke, severe headache, change in vision, weakness on one side of the body (Call 911)

  • Severe bleeding or head injuries

  • Severe abdominal pain

  • Change in Mental State